Vol 11, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


Special Articles

Etiopathophysiological assessment of cases with chronic daily headache: A functional magnetic resonance imaging included investigation. PDF XML
Akram Hashemi, Mohammad Torabi Nami, Mohammad Ali Oghabian, Habib Ganjgahi, Zahra Vahabi, Hajir Sikaroodi Pages: 127-134
Predictive role of high sensitive C-reactive protein in early onset mortality after ischemic stroke. PDF XML
Shahrzad Mohebbi, Mojdeh Ghabaee, Majid Ghaffarpour, Ali Pasha Meisami, Reza Shah Siah, Mohammad Reza Mousavi Mirkala, Maryam Pour Ashraf, Mahbubeh Yaghubi Pages: 135-139
Modulation of NR1 subunit of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor by ovariectomy and passive avoidance learning. PDF XML
Mahnaz Taherianfard, Maryam Sharifi, Mina Tadjali, Mahboubeh Kohkiloezadeh Pages: 140-145
Effect of pain on the timing pattern of masseter muscle activity during the open-close-clench cycle in the migraine without aura and tension type headaches. PDF XML
Boshra Hatef, Saeed Talebian, Fahimeh Hashemirad, Majid Ghaffarpour Pages: 146-150
Cognitive impairments in Parkinson's disease: Evidence from an Iranian population. PDF XML
Farzad Ashrafi, Alireza Zali, Hossein Pakdaman, Karim Johari Pages: 151-154
Pantothenate kinase 2 mutation with eye-of-the-tiger sign on magnetic resonance imaging in three siblings. PDF XML
Mitra Ansari Dezfouli, Elham Jaberi, Afagh Alavi, Mohammad Rezvani, Gholamali Shahidi, Elahe Elahi, Mohammad Rohani Pages: 155-158
Wernicke's encephalopathy in a non-alcoholic Patient: Difficulties of early diagnosis and treatment. PDF XML
Omid Hesami, Nahid Beladimoghaddam, Farhad Assarzadegan, Nasim Kazemi Pages: 159-161
The effect of lamotrigine on epilepsy. PDF XML
Hossein Ali Ebrahimi, Faridadin Ebrahimi Pages: 162-163